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I am a Coach and Facilitator of Family and Self-Knowledge Programs. My passion is being able to help other people on their way to recognize and strengthen their own abilities and talents. My intention is that you feel accompanied and motivated to achieve your goals as a father or mother of a family and in a personal way. Through face-to-face group workshops or private consultation, you will discover the best that is in yourself. “The power of change is within you; it is only a matter of recognizing it” -Patricia Nava

Passionate About Inspiring Others
I am passionate about helping other people to find the best version of themselves. I love sharing everything I learn and I really enjoy continuing to learn and giving the best of myself through the consultations I have with parents or in my consultation as a change of habits coach.

I started my company because I saw the need for people to have a guide that would help them grow even more as people and as parents. Later I also saw the benefits of growing in communication, entertainment, productivity and empathy not only within the home or as an individual but also in companies. It is my mission and my passion to provide the necessary tools to create healthier individuals, families, and communities committed to themselves, their physical and mental health, and their productivity at work and in the society in which we live.

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