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About Us

Mercy Education Project is a female-centric space dedicated to personal growth and stability, where quality education, access to resources, encouragement, and empowerment are the vehicles for their future success.
Mercy Education Project believes every woman and girl has the right to boundless opportunities and resources necessary to be educated no matter their backgrounds, beliefs, or socio-economic situation.

MEP activates personalized learning plans and socio-emotional learning enrichment to women and girls through:
One-on-one tutoring, College and Career Readiness and Exploration, Mentoring from local professionals and role models, Adult Basic Education Courses, GED prep, ESL Courses, Online and Hybrid Learning Options, Workforce Development, Alleviating the barriers of transportation, childcare assistance, and technology

Mercy Education Project’s goals for each woman and girl is to:
Nurture and develop intellectual and social growth
Assist in raising self-esteem
Support efforts towards self-sufficiency, economic mobility, and stability.


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