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About Us

Healthy Path for Life is a Holistic Health Coaching Business that offers Integrative Wellness Programs with the intention to help our clients achieve their goals towards optimal wellness.

My Mision is to lead my clients first to understand the importance of preventing illness trough implementing new habits into their daily life, next empower them to feel confident in achieving a new way of life that not only will impact them physically but also mentally and spiritually.

With time I have found that one firm step towards a new healthy path, will take us very far in our goals and improvements in our life, and like our statement in IIN, Institue of Integrative Nutrition of New York, says, "We as Health Coaches work daily in creating the Domino Effect in health, one person starts achieving their best version of themselves and this will also impact the ones that surround that person, and so on, creating Domino of wellness and health.

Healthy Path for Life Wellness Programs, consist in tools that help the client reunite the elements to achieve good health and also educates them with information regardless their unique situation.

They have an structure menu based in whole foods, also I motivate clients to have physical activity according their life style and schedule, and very important help them to have a good healthy GUT.

GUT health is an importan part of the Programs of Healthy Path, I've learned that the health of our digestive system has a direct impact in our overall health, that is why we have to take good care of it and keep in balance.

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